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Loyalty Card

A restaurant business is definitely related to the direct satisfaction of customers.

Our client daily is most important to us.
Our location is so great that they can afford to work optimally only events.
Therefore, for you, our faithful to (almost) every day, we prepared a special treat, as a token of appreciation for the fact that we visit so often.

Come to the Restaurant Casa select the frequency and can require registration in the House Select loyalty program - Loyalty Card.
You will receive a special personalized card with which you will always cut any meal served to us, and other benefits.

More details to obtain at registration in the program.

Dear clients,

Thank you for your confidence in and loyalty demonstrated Restaurant House Select!
Out of respect for you, our client every day, I started a loyalty program called:

Home Select Restaurant - Loyalty Card

By joining this program, loyal customers will enjoy the following benefits:
- Discounts permanent preparations restaurant menu
- Discounts for parties that wish to organize in November
- Meals regularly offered as a bonus, the restaurant
- Timely information about the preparations, November menus, special offers, promotions and upcoming events that will take place at the restaurant
- Priority on reserved tables
- Free access to parties organized for members
- Can add a favorite dish on the menu
- Delivery of food at home, under certain conditions

The three variants of loyalty are:
Silver Card, Golden Card, Platinum Card

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