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Tripe sour soup

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Lunch Menu, Tuesday October 24, 2017, Price 18 Lei / 22 Lei
Tuesday October 24, 2017 Lunch Menu, Price 18 Lei / 22 Lei Special Offer Buy 4 and Get 1 Free -1st Course Chicken sour soup in peasant's style / Vegetable soup (vegetarian) -2nd Course Frilled pork cutlet with fries / Sarmale cu mamaliguta - Romanian dish / Vegetables sote with polenta (vegetarian) Desert Walnuts and chocolate cake  / Fruit (vegetarian) Lunch menu available between 12.00 - 16.00 **************************************************** Restaurant Casa Select address is Str. Drobeta 23, Bucharest (Petrom Eminescu area) For bookings / orders please phone: 021-2101651 / 0765-910609 Enjoy your meal!

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(Im) perfection of dessert ... in limited stock
Home made Tiramisu in a cup, made in our restaurant Casa Select Let's tell you a story just before the weekend! We do not sell illusory pictures, but fresh and quality food and sweets. When you sell a home made dessert, you take a risk. You will never succeed like they do in a specialized cake shop lab. Neither as a form, nor as a look, nor as a taste. All the time it will go a little different. But something is constant in us, namely that the final preparation will be "delicious". That's why we made the courage to take photos of those timid cups of Tiramisu. We do not do too many at once, so I hope you can find them through the refrigerator when you get to Casa Select ... If they are not, take a few steps to the kitchen counter and claim the zero stock directly to the creator, namely Viorica, our trusted chef, I also attached her picture to know who will be the guilty! We are waiting for you to try our authentic but imperfect cuisine at times. Restaurant Casa Select - Bucharest - Open NON-STOP to your taste! Reservations by phone 021 210 16 51
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From 1st of August 2017, 4+1 FREE for business lunch menu
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