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Photo Gallery and description

Welcome to the official site of Restaurant Casa Select

Dear visitor, we make every effort to present ourselves better to all internet users.

Because our website is complex, in this section are only some suggestive photos.
Every sub-section and event from the website have customised photo gallery.

Talking about our description, we belive it is a better way to answer to most frequent questions (Q & A).
Out of respect for you, our potential customer, I tried to give as many questions answered, feel free to contact us for any other information.

We also have an official Blog, where you can talk directly to restaurant's manager or you can write your opinions.
Also, if you are happy with our services, you can write a testimonial in dedicated section.
Don't forget, Casa Select is among few restaurants open 24h in Bucharest.

More info on any topic found in the sections devoted.

So to start with ... where, what and how?

- What is location Select House Restaurant?
Restaurant Home Select is located in an elegant villa in central Bucharest, Romania.
Exact address and location details found in the Contact section.

- What specifically is the restaurant?
Restaurant Home Select is Romanian and international.
Select House restaurant offers dishes of traditional Romanian and international cuisine.

- You open a new local? Have you somehow changed address recently?
We are a newly opened restaurant.
Restaurant House Select works in 2005.
During that time worked at the same address.
The restaurant benefits from a select and quiet location in the B-dul Dacia - M. Eminescu.

- Do you have parking?
We have parking, but there are some parking next to restaurant.
It is a very safe area, near the so-called block of diplomats.
No car broke any customer of ours in all these years.
More details about parking in the Contact section.
There is a guarded parking place, right next to our restaurant. Entrance is from M. Eminescu street near Petrom oil, turning left , between 2 buildings. Free parking sports are always available. The parking can accommodate up to 20 cars.

- Do you have anything to do with the old restaurant or club Select area P-ta Victoriei - Aleea Alexandru?
We have no connection are completely different locations, is just a coincidence of a part of the name.
We are Restaurant House Select.

- What are the running? Do you open 24 hours from 24 non-stop? It eats at any time?
Yes, it is open non-stop, with certain exceptions detailed in the contact section.
Opening hours:
Opening schedule:
Open daily: 24 hours 24 (NonStop) (Non-Stop) (Non Stop) (24h)
Home Select is a restaurant open round the clock in Bucharest - the central area.
Throughout the program, regardless of time, are open to the kitchen, and bar and the menu is the same.

- What prices are you?
Prices are generally below average falls into the center area we operate.
Price list is available online both in the menu section, and in pdf format for easier viewing.
The products are accompanied by photos and details, in most cases.

- Where exactly on the site there is a photo gallery or video? Where can we see more pictures?
Photo Gallery found in each section of the site.
Some sections have also attached video.
If you want to see more photos or videos, Enjoy your stay.

- The smoke from Restaurant House Select? Is much smoke there?
Yes, it smokes.
Under the new legal provisions, Restaurant House Select has chosen to have smoking allowed on the entire service area. I mean we do not have a room for nonsmokers only.
That does not mean that smokers are void, even separate space on floors can create a comfort people in times uncluttered Non smoker.
Salons are equipped with air purifiers, which, on average, do their job pretty well and the elimination of cigarette smoke.

- Organize dinners?
Yes, organize dinners various weddings, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, company parties, private parties, etc..
Details in the events section.
Depending on your preferences, you can publish event in events archive section, so that you can present your loved ones more easily impressions, photos and video about your party

- What capacity is the restaurant? You terrace or outdoor dining?
Power of location is up to 120 people, as follows:
Interior: 75-90 seats disposed in:
room floor seats 25-30
room floor (room Romantic) by 50-60 seats
Exterior: summer terrace 25-30 seats (only during summer, from April to October)

- What kind of sound you? You have live music? You fiddlers?
Sound system is a sound system performance, ambient music running.
Yes, we have live music, the moment we have a program of live music-piano bar every night from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive, on a certain time frame.
The music is sung by a soloist, in a flap, in room romantic.
Details in the section dedicated.

Update 10.12.2009
We 're sorry, but for moment we decided to suspend the live music programme.

The events usually collaborate with DJ, but no live band is excluded.

- Do you provide internet access to your customers?
Yes, we have Wi-Fi, wireless internet, which is free for our customers. The coverage is good inside the restaurant and on outdoor terrace also. The internet provider is ClickNet/Romtelecom. The login password is supplied by our reception.

- Functional and night. How to select customers? No problems with the world "by night"?
The place is mostly frequented by the show business world and good in business, but much youth.
Depending on time, customers can be happy or noisy.
Here are some rules that we have displayed:
"We respectfully inform the House Select restaurant reserves the right to select customers.
Everyone in advanced state of drunkenness will not be served.
Customers who bother other tables, either directly or indirectly by noise, behavior or language, will be invited to leave the restaurant.
Please speak polite staff.
Thank you for choosing House Select! "
These rules are rules preventive keep those 7 years at home and mutual respect and we were away from troubles.

- You have security problems? No scandals?
Guard and protection is provided 24 hours of 24 company BGS - Security Division.
Additionally, we have to guard its personnel.
6 of the Police Department is a few hundred meters away.
We also have cameras to monitor access without you violate your privacy.
Conduct the preventive security policy coherence, we had no major incidents since we established until now.

- Do you have televisions? We see football matches or other sports programs to you?
Yes, we can watch games and LCD TVs.
We recommend an appointment for evenings with matches are usually crowded.

- Do you have special menus, special offers, daily menu, breakfast menu and lunch menu?
Breakfast is served from Monday to Friday 7:00-11:00 and on Saturdays and loyal customers.
Special lunch menu or daily menu is available Monday to Friday, between 12:00-15:00 hours
Special menus are very favorable prices, it can also deliver the package without any additional cost.
Details on the page.

- How to make a reservation?
You can reserve by phone, online or by email through the site.

- It's hot summer? Do you have air conditioning? Cold winter inside?
We have air conditioning in every room and summer is cool enough.
Central heating boiler is provided separately for each level. Do not worry about heat in winter.

- How is arranged inside? How are meals, square or round? It's crowded, the seats are comfortable? You and ornamental green plants?
Inside is a romantic setting, the red-claret, with intimate lighting and candles.
The tables are square, size XXL, which is much higher than usual.
Inside use cotton tablecloths.
The seats are large and comfortable, people sit so well as harder to leave us ...
Tables are not crowded, I dropped the capacity but we have won customers more satisfied.
We ornamental green plants which create a nice setting.

- How to serve? Self-service or a la carte?
Serving is classic, a la carte. Waiters show customers menus, then take and deliver orders involved.

- You and home delivery service?
Currently not deliver at home, but we plan to offer this service in the near future.
However, if time, distance and the staff of the room allows, we can do small deliveries to your home if you live very close.

- Give food and the package, take-away?
We put food in your pack and to withdraw from our office. For better efficiency, you can launch the phone. Available at any time!

- Provided and catering services?
Yes, provided and catering services, in certain circumstances.
We work with corporate clients but only on the basis of firm contracts.
For details please call us make an offer via email.

- Do you have large portions? Do you cook best? What about service? E clean restaurant?
Portions are large enough and generally have no complaints about this issue.
All kitchens are Romanian and experience.
The kitchen is clean, the building also.
The food is usually ok, and service were told that is a strength.
In subsection Our team can see exactly who we are.

- Why sell only certain beers or drinks and not have a wider range?
We have a diverse enough menu.
But for some menu items have exclusive contracts, the companies that sell only certain brands.

- Your menu is a bit thin ... I can eat anything from you?
Yes you can eat anything. Our chefs are experts in gastronomy and can prepare any preparation of ingredients that are available, following you to pay the price for the Calculation recipe.
The only condition is that the restaurant was not very busy to cook can handle a custom order.
Tip: We do not sell any pizza and foccacia. 
The menu seems small, but is sufficiently varied.
Some of our guests thinks that our menu si not so comprehensive, we we belive is fit to have always fresh ingredients and to serve our clients in reasonable time, in many days when the restaurant is full and everybody are starving!

- Prices are standard and do and discounts on Bills?
We have some loyal customers who benefit from permanent discounts and other benefits through the House Select Restaurant Loyalty - Loyalty Card. Details in the section dedicated.
Meals and prices can be negotiated in certain conditions.

- Can I make someone a meal at Restaurant Gift House Select?
Yes, you can come to us and buy a special gift voucher for your desired amount
Vocherul will be used later to pay bills issued within 30 days.

- Are you hiring? I find it's ok to you.
We hire. Items available at any given time are listed in the Jobs section.

- How is the bill, by hand or computer? Sell to port or bakery? Take charge when needed?
We may as well be honest.
Sell only the portion. Do not sell the bakery than some snacks and breakfast. Bread dp not charge.
Computerized bill is drawn up to avoid any suspicion.
At the request of clients, prepare and invoice is served mass as for the fiscal receipt. The invoice is prepared on the spot or within 24 hours, depending on the time when dining.

- We can pay by credit card? What cards accepted for payment? You have a minimum amount for payment by card or any extra fee?
Yes, you can pay by credit card. Payment cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro.
POS is one we use fixed at Raiffeisen Bank, so for PIN payments where required, must be to go to the bar to type your PIN and pay by card.
The card can pay any amount, without an additional fee.
Sometimes technical terms (bank, telephone, etc..) Do not allow card payment apologize upfront if any inconvenience involved.
At banquets the individual does not accept payment by card.

- We are a company. We pay through O.P.?
Yes, you can pay by PO, if the mass that a contract is concluded in advance.

- What do I use my membership site?
You are informed about the various promotions and news on the restaurant.
You can access dedicated sections, participate in various contests and optional socialize with other members.

- To what I subscribe to the newsletter?
Easier way to stay up to date, but have no benefits to members.

- I heard the Restaurant Home Select is the ideal place for a wonderful romantic dinner. Something more?
Without false modesty, I made many happy couples. I lived emotions handing engagement rings or applications in marriage, we were accomplices and I hid the rings with bouquets of flowers or plates, has been a pleasure to see people in love around us.
So as I said, romantic room is decorated cozy, elegant, romantic. Warm lighting, candles and relaxing music or can live quite happy when you choose to be near the beloved.
Upon request and if we know in advance, we can customize the floral arrangements and individual menus.
We support you. Worth trying!

CasaSelect is a restaurant open round the clock in Bucharest - the central area.
Romanian and international cuisine.
Total maximum capacity inside and outside 120 seats, romantic saloon maximum capacity 60 seats.

You-re welcome!

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