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Cheese dumplings with sour cream and jam

400 gr.

Since its beginnings, PAPANASI was one of the desserts representative for Casa Select. Hopelessly in love with the mountains, I took this traditional romanian recipe from a restaurant in Sinaia where I was frequently dining. It happened sometimes that Casa Select to be classed as having "the best PAPANASI of Bucharest". For the record, I had customers who came to us at the restaurant eating only dessert and more specific these PAPANASI. Meanwhile, the recipe was changed, but its quality ingredients, delicious taste and especially sweet, usually berries, make this dessert to be another one of the most ordered. Being sure that the secret lies in combining ingredients, we're not afraid to disclose you the recipe :-) Ingredients: light cow cheese, flour, eggs, oil, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, vanilla essence, lemon peel race, juice lemon, baking soda, salt, sugar, cream, fruit toppings.

16.00 LEI/Price

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