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Testimonials Casa Select Restaurant

Ion IRON Oncescu - multiple armwrestling world champion

I know Dragos, the manager, for a long time, and I consider him a person to rely on and with solid life principles. There are more than 10 years since me and him have an excellent cooperation in sport field.
As time passed, I belive Casa Select is now a successful brand, fed by ambitious and fair-play of a man arising from world of sports.

The food is fresh, large portions, and chefs sometimes cook for me customized, and I assure you that, after exhausting workouts, my culinary tastes are very exotic.
And when you love what you do, you will do a better job for sure!

                                                                                     Ion ONCESCU - nov. 2012

Ion Oncescu is a famous romanian champion, multiple armwrestling world champion and holder of many world records certified by well-known Guinness Book World Records.
Because of his extraordinary physical skills Oncescu have the nickname of IRON

Lucian - member of www.casaselect.ro

I write you to send a positive feedback related the dinner I had in your restaurant on 14th february - Valentine-s Day!
Also, thank you for the nice photos you sent me.
If you allow me a suggestion, without interphere with the fabulous moments we had in your place, I prefere that the vegetables from the salad to be cut in more little pieces.
Best regards,
regular guest,

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